Do You Have A Blush Crush?

“To contour or not to contour…that is the question.”

I Have A Blush Crush

Blush is a quiet, unassuming miracle worker when it comes to cosmetics. Seriously! That’s because blush has the ability and the power to brighten up and highlight your entire face with just a few strategically placed swipes. While bronzer has become increasingly popular in recent years, as women seek that perfectly sun-kissed yet safe (and actually sun-free) glow, blush is actually a much more wearable and universal facial product. I reserve bronzer for my more dramatic looks. Blush can be a gorgeous finishing touch to a full face of makeup, or it can be the only thing you wear on those lazy days and are looking for just a hint of color.

To contour or not to contour…that is the question. Contouring is where shadows and light are used to call attention to specific features, while “nontouring” is where heavy foundation and highlighters give way to natural skin. Blush will add a pop of color to the middle of your face and is a fresh, youthful, instant brightener. Blush is insanely easy to use, too. Anyone can apply blush, just apply it to the apple of your cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temples.

Do’s & Don’ts –

Don’t: Apply too far below the cheekbone or too high above. Applying blush below the cheekbone can make you appear older, and applying too high can result in an unnatural, clown-like application.

Do: Keep the color on the apples of your cheeks by smiling and lightly dust where your cheeks pop and blend outward.

Don’t: Choose the wrong shade. Using the wrong shade of blush is just as detrimental as using the wrong shade of foundation.

Do: Your best bet is to match your blush to the natural flush that occurs when you are out in the cold or just went for a run.

Don’t: Forget to blend! Unless you are going as a doll for Halloween, little circles of blush on your cheeks are not cute!

Do: Blend outward to avoid visible lines or streaks of color on your face. Remember, natural is key!

Don’t: Use the wrong brush. You do not need to cover too much surface area when applying blush- so leave the All-Over Powder brush for Perfect Pressed Powder!

Do: Use an Angled Blush Brush to naturally sweep on your brush and a Tapered Powder Brush to highlight.


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