8 Ways to Use LimeLife’s One Drop Wonder

“One little bottle, one ingredient, infinite ways to use it.”

Ways to use…

Perfect and Protect

Glowing skin is notoriously on trend and sun damaged skin is not. Have the best of both worlds by adding a drop of One Drop Wonder to your foundation prior to application. Achieve perfectly sheer coverage and a dewy glow while naturally protecting your skin from the sun. What more could you ask for?!

Give me a Boost

Maximize the benefits of your skin care by adding a drop of One Drop Wonder. The reason this oil is so effective is because it deeply penetrates skin cells and will take whatever product it is mixed with along for the ride! For example, to increase the anti-aging benefits of Sotoks, add a drop of One Drop Wonder. Add a drop to Skin Therapy or Dew Date to maximize hydration, or a drop to Forty Cure Creme to maximize healing. If you are more of a math person, Your Product + One Drop Wonder = Super Product.

Nailed It

Apply a drop of One Drop Wonder to your nails to soften and moisturize cuticles, increase nail growth and strength, and treat, protect, and prevent your nails from fungal infections and hangnails. I try to do this every day by keeping a bottle next to my work computer.

Bathing Beauty

Add a few drops to your bath or add a Pom Bomb and soak your way to soft and hydrated skin. When mixed with water, One Drop Wonder has the ability to soak even deeper into your tissues to rejuvenate your skin. A One Drop Wonder bath will help maintain the collagen in your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

Remove it or Loose it

Add a drop (or 2 if you are removing a smokey eye) to a cotton pad to gently and naturally remove makeup. The oil breaks down water-resistant substances used in eyeshadow and mascara and gently releases them from your skin. Remove your makeup while leaving your skin softer and younger-looking and your lashes (and even eyebrows) hydrated and conditioned.

Lip Slip

Dry lips are never cute, especially when you’re about to apply a matte lip. Hydrate and exfoliate away dry lips by adding a drop of One Drop Wonder into sugar or a tiny bit of an abrasive body scrub (such as Bamboo Renew) to create a lip exfoliant. Apply a layer of your mixture on to your lips, let settle for about a minute, and use one or two fingers in a circular motion of roll away dead skin cells and create smooth and hydrated lips. Maintain your super soft lips by adding One Drop Wonder to your favorite lip balm and applying daily.

Heal before you Peel

Summer has arrived and if you are like me, chances are you are going to get sunburned at least once. Quickly heal sunburns (or any burn) by applying One Drop Wonder directly to the burn or by mixing One Drop Wonder with Cool Balm. The aloe and cucumber in Cool Balm with sooth your burn while One Drop Wonder takes care of the rest. I can truly attest to preventing peeling skin because every year we travel to Mexico over Thanksgiving for a week. We spend so much time by the pool or just outside, that as soon as I get back home, I use One Drop Wonder, and no peeling! Yay me!

Hair to the Throne

Add a drop to your favorite hair mask or leave in conditioner to heal dull, dry, or brittle hair. Leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes (or however directed) and rinse out with lukewarm water. For extra dry or frizzy hair, add one drop to hair before styling to de-frizz, protect hair from sun damage (yes, your hair needs sun protection too,) and leave your hair shiny and soft.

8 Ways to use One Drop Wonder

One little bottle, one ingredient, infinite ways to use it. One Drop Wonder, or #ODW, is cold-pressed Pomifera Oil extracted from a tiiiiny fruit seed found in Osage Oranges, AKA hedge balls (pictured above.) The seed within this wrinkly green ball is jam packed with super antioxidants, Omega-6 (great for retaining moisture in the skin), and contains natural UV-protective properties. Studies have proven that this seed extract also contains potent anti-inflammatory, and useful anti-fungal agents, making it an ideal botanical extract for skin and hair health.

When used daily, this oil will reverse any damage done to your skin, restore moisture, and give you a gorgeous, healthy glow. For people who say “I hate oils” or “I can’t use oils because I have oily skin,” One Drop Wonder is not your average oil. It absorbs immediately, is lightweight, and can be used on the most sensitive of skin. Used alone, or as a booster (I will explain that in a minute,) this incredible oil produces immediate and mind blowing results. Here are 8 unexpected ways to incorporate One Drop Wonder into your beauty routine to reap all the benefits of this magical oil.


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