15 Brilliant Beauty Hacks

Looking your best doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, though. There are plenty of beauty hacks that can help you use the things you already have in your home or office to help improve your looks. Most of the time, the hacks are simple to understand, too.

The next time you find yourself in a pinch and need some help with your hair, makeup, clothes, or nails, just think of a way to hack your way through it. Necessity is the mother of invention, and most of these hacks were born from necessity.

Here are 15 beauty hacks that actually work. You will probably find yourself using them more than you expect. And don’t be afraid to share them with your friends and family. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

1. Potatoes For Dark Skin

If you have dark skin under your arms or on other areas of your body, you may be embarrassed by how it looks. Instead of hiding it or buying expensive products to cover it up that don’t work, just slice a raw potato and rub it on the dark area. It will lighten the skin.

2. Multi-Masking

Most people think they can only use one face mask at a time. However, you can save time by applying different masks to different areas of the face. If you have an area that is dry and one that is oily, just use the appropriate mask in the right spot.

3. Panty Liner Shadow Shields

If you are tired of getting eye makeup on your face and need an extra hand to complete your look, panty liners can come in handy. Just cut them into small pieces and stick them under your eyes. They will stay in place and keep the eye makeup off your cheeks.

4. Coffee And Sugar Scrub To Help Fight Cellulite

Mix coffee grounds, sugar, and coconut oil in a bowl to create a scrub. Apply it to the areas with cellulite, and massage it into the skin. Allow it to set for 15 minutes, and then wash it away. Repeat daily to see results.

5. Use Baby Oil To Shave

Sometimes, you need to shave your legs, but you don’t have time to shower. Instead of trying to do it in the sink, use baby oil. The baby oil will act as a lubricant, so you don’t get razor burn, and you can just wipe your legs off with a towel when you are done.

6. Use A Q-Tip To Blend Eye Shadow

If you are looking for the perfect way to blend your eye shadow, just use a Q-tip. Pull out the tip and use it to smudge your eye shadow. When you are done, just toss it in the trash. There’s no messy brush to clean up.

7. Use Liquid Chlorophyll To Stop Hormonal Acne

If you are suffering from acne and have found that it is caused by hormones, there’s something that can help. Just add liquid chlorophyll to your water daily, and it will clear up your skin. Stars like Reese Witherspoon swear by it.

8. Easy Lemon Water

If you want to add lemon to your water but don’t have time to juice a lemon every morning, just do a little prep work the night before. Pour your lemon juice in ice cube trays and freeze. When you are headed out the door, grab a cube and toss it in your water bottle.

9. Store Eye Cream In The Refrigerator

If you really want to give your eyes a wakeup call in the morning, store your eye cream in the refrigerator. It will help soothe your eyes and get rid of puffiness and dark circles. It will also just feel a lot better.

10. Use Two Pillows To Avoid Puffy Eyes

If you are waking up with puffy eyes, you may need to use a second pillow. The pillow will help prop your head up, so the fluids will drain out of your face. You will wake up without the swelling around your eyes or the dark circles.

11. Whiten Teeth Quickly

There are plenty of products on the market that will whiten your teeth. Most of them are expensive and take a while to work. However, you can whiten your teeth affordably and quickly at home with lemon juice and baking soda. Make a paste with lemon juice and baking soda, and apply it to your teeth. Leave it on for two minutes, and then rinse.

12. Plump Lips With Peppermint

If you want plump lips without paying a lot of money, just add some peppermint oil to your lip balm. It will not only taste and smell great but also make your lips plump. You don’t need surgery or expensive products.

13. Heated Eyelash Curler

You use heat to curl your hair, so why not use it for eyelashes? Just use a hair dryer to heat up a metal eyelash curler. Carefully curl the lashes without touching your skin. The lashes will curl more easily and stay curled longer.

14. Conditioner Instead Of Shaving Cream

If you are shaving in the shower and find that you are out of shaving cream, don’t panic. Just use conditioner instead. It works just like shaving cream and will leave your legs and underarms soft and smooth.

15. Keep Makeup Wipes On Your Nightstand

Sometimes, you come home from work or a long night out and you are just too tired to wash your face. You don’t want to sleep in your makeup, though. If you have some makeup wipes by your bed, you can remove your makeup with ease.